T’ramp’y shtap ahazangel e Nikolin. Apshets’nogh Anaknkal, vorits’ bolory shoki yent’arkvets’in․

According to eyewitnesses, Trump said in the White House Oval Office why “more people from Haiti and the African African countries should be allowed to come to America.”

Trump said so when two senators introduced a Republican and Democratic compromise bill that would delay the deportation of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants while simultaneously enabling border controls.

Mr Trump said the United States should accept more immigrants from countries like Norway.

White House spokesman Raj Shah did not deny the statement angered Democrats and Republicans.

“Some politicians in Washington have chosen the way to fight for foreign countries, but President Donald Trump will always fight for the American people,” Shah said.

Democratic Congressman Steven Hoyer said Trump’s comment was “racism and shame.”

Republican Congresswoman Mia Love, who was born into a family of immigrants from Haiti, called Trump’s comment “a wicked, divisive, c

ontemptuous and inappropriate statement that runs counter to the values ​​of the American people.”

Mia Love said Trump’s position was unacceptable and demanded that the preside

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