Hishum ye՞k’ «Dzhvar aprust» seriali Feloin․ Zarmank’its’ ach’k’ernerd bats’ kmna, yerb tesnek’, t’e inch’pes e na p’vokhvel․

A few days ago the premiere of the “Kill in 15 Minutes” action movie starred actor Nikolay Yeghiazaryan, this time also in a negative character. In an interview with Zhoghovurd,

he told about his new character, the possible reasons for the laughter in the hall on the day of the premiere. The actor also touched upon his creative break, noting that he had not coped with it for a long time.

-Nicholas, although the audience is used to seeing you in negative roles, this latest character nevertheless seems to be quite cruel …Although I am not involved in the combat scenes of this film, I have embodied a strong, cruel image, which I loved, however.

My family was also there to watch the film, and I felt how heavy my mother was in the scenes where I was killing people mercilessly, and I noticed how tense she was. I like to portray negative characters, in general, although they are far from my character,

I try to be interesting.While watching some scenes of the film, the audience was not able to restrain the laughter. Some believe that there were exaggerations in some areas. What would you say?

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