Hert’akan khaytarrakut’yuny, vor ts’nts’el e bolorin. Aziz t’vogh kokhem, mi ktsi!!! Sarsap’eli brrnabarut’yun

The use of physical violence or the threat of its use, or the use of a helpless victim. In the crime of rape, we are talking only about natural sexual intercourse. This term is not legal, so it should be understood as it is defined in medicine, more specifically sexology.

Sexual intercourse that can lead to pregnancy is considered natural. Consequently, the unnatural sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, which takes place against the will of the woman, is not a rape, but a violent act of a sexual nature, by which the perpetrator disrupts her sexual passions. This act is foreseen by the offense itself. According to Cr.

Article 139 of the day, of a sexual nature, including homosexual acts against the victim, using violence or threatening to inflict harm on the latter or another person, or using the victim’s helplessness, is punishable by imprisonment for the term of up to three to six years. Physical rape is the use of physical force against the victim or other persons in order to suppress,

overcome, or deprive a woman of the opportunity to intercourse with the offender, and to call upon the victim for assistance, such as beating them, inflicting bodily harm, and so on. Thus, for the crime of rape to exist, it is necessary for a woman to testify,

before committing or committing the act of violence, that she is not willing to have sex with that person. The threat of violence is that the offender, in spite of the woman’s will, interc

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