Sarsap’eli Voroshum. Balasanyanin p’rrum yen asfaltin. Shokayin Bats’ahaytum

What was Balasanyan’s main statement after all? He says that Sasna Tsrer is Nikol Pashinyan’s fighting wing, “Nikol Pashinyan and that terrorist group are one whole, it’s one terrorist group”, then adds that “in 2016 we forgave those terrorists, now I declare that We will physically destroy those who will try to encroach on me, our people, our state, our statehood, our borders, the authorities of Artsakh. “

Now look! Is the “Sasna Tsrer” really the “fighting wing” of the political force led by Nikol Pashinyan? Of course no: Nikol Pashinyan’s “fighting wing” is public support, Nikol Pashinyan’s head of state – the power structures, that is to say Vitaly Balasanyan’s statement is wrong at first. Let’s move on. Are Nikol Pashinyan and “Sasna Tsrer” really one thing? Of course no:

The world-view and value-system differences are obvious. That is to say, Vitaly Balasanyan’s statement is also wrong from the beginning. And what happens? It turns out that this man is misrepresenting the facts, then making incorrect conclusions based on them and threatening to physically annihilate the legitimate authorities of Armenia. In other words, it violates the

Armenian authorities. What should be done in such cases? If we are led by our own logic, we must “physically destroy” those who commit such encroachments. Is this the message of the former secretary of the Artsakh Security Council?

In short, the following happened: Former NKR official (either on his own initiative or as a result of unnecessary “prompts” is not essential) makes extremely dangerous statements based on some nonsensical statements, which cause some tension in Armenia-Artsakh relations, both in Armenia and in Artsakh. there are people who rebuke him /

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